“My back hurts daily since my accident. This is why I don’t do public work, unable to climb many steps or lift more thatn 10 lbs . . . the relief was immediate, the muscles seemed to relax which allowed free movement . . . I do encourage anyone to seek help from Dr. Lubeck. He addresses the underlying cause of a problem.”
– K.M.

“I had been suffering daily for about 1.5 years. The pills made it better, but after 5 treatments the pain went away.”
– Lawson MO

“I recommend Dr. Lubeck highly to anyone with pain. He helped me on the 1st visit. He is very personable and so are his prices.”
– Lawson MO

“Previous treatments decreased pain for 4-6 hours. My neck pain diminished and headache relieved after two visits.”
– Registered Nurse, NKC

“Well, let me tell you, for the VERY first time in over EIGHT (that’s right EIGHT weeks!) I was PAIN-FREE yesterday. NO pain. REMARKABLE! It was such a relief to be able to MOVE and BREATHE without groaning and grunting and felling like a HUGE RED HOT knife was stabbing me.”
– Liberty MO